Ihsan Boxing has been running its business since 1957 and has provided its services in boxing sports since then.

Our Mission

The main focus of our business is fueling the spirit of sports, and we have been doing it since 1957. We are making our quality promising for you.
Ahsan Sports provides the whole range that is related to boxing sports, includes

1. Boxing Gloves
We provide you with high-quality boxing gloves made of the finest quality leather and stitched with the latest machine. We make sure to offer you the best service.

2. Punching Bags
Boxers use these bags for their boxing practices. We provide leather punching bags filled with grains, sawdust, and sand. We stitched these punching bags in such
a way that they last for long periods.

3. Inner Gloves
We provide gel wrap-like inner gloves, an easy and fast way to wrap the hand the boxers use for their training sessions.

4. Boxing Protection
Before you enter the ring, you need some protective gear; Ihsan Sports provides you with the best and highest quality protective gear that includes the
a mouth guard, protective headgear, a supporter and a cup, and boxing shoes.

5. Speed Bags
We are providing you with the speed bags that are used by the boxers to improve their stamina and hand-eye coordination.

We try our best to provide high-quality boxing products and the best services that make your boxing journey joyful with Ihsan Sports.